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The AMEU’s foundation is considered a valuable addition to the development of urology in Morocco. It plays an important role in the scientific field by keeping up with the worldwide evolution of urology practices. The AMEU also leads the innovation of new techniques and their introduction in the country.

This is a special initiative for Urology where the Moroccan Urology Society was awarded as an essential member.

In early May 2019, ACC's International Affairs team and Sun Pharma partnered to bring the Best of ACC educational program to more than 1,100 physicians in four cities, including a first-ever live program in Yangon, Myanmar; an interactive webinar in Nairobi, Kenya; and additional sessions in Chennai, India and Kathmandu, Nepal. Program topics included hypertension, heart failure, lipid management, and acute coronary syndrome, with each faculty presenting real-world, guideline-based sessions. The ambitious Best of ACC program also showcased interactive quizzes and case-based clinical focus sessions breaking down the hottest trials from ACC.19. These engaging educational activities challenged clinical and critical thinking skills, while also integrating clinical evidence and established guidelines to aid in providing the best care to patients.

The best American College of Cardiology 3rd annual program in Dhaka

Morocco was the first country to obtain the “Partner for Local Democracy” status from the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities at its 36th Session in April 2019. This status offers the Council of Europe’s neighboring countries an ideal platform for dialogue and institutional contacts with their European counterparts.

The Moroccan delegation comprises 6 representatives and 6 substitutes who may sit alongside Congress members and contribute to the debates during sessions – albeit without the right to vote – and to the work of its Monitoring, Current Affairs and Governance committees.

The status is inspired by the Partner for Democracy Status of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), which Morocco has held since 2011 and which allows it to participate in the Assembly's activities.

Moroccan parliamentary delegation inspecting our activities.

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